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We’re proud of the community we serve – and we realise the importance of giving back to those in need or less fortunate than ourselves. Each year we contribute significant funds and support to charities and local community organisations, including:

Kari Aboriginal Resources Inc

Lander Mitsubishi was pleased to support KARI with the Inaugural Kari Charity Golf Day on Friday the 4th of April.All the resources that were raised were devoted back into KARI programs that benefit children in foster care and disadvantaged families in south-west Sydney. Lander Mitsubishi are an extremely proud sponsor and are more than happy to be of assistance in any way.

Doonside Junior Rugby League Club

Lander Mitsubishi is a proud supporter for the Doonside Junior Rugby League Club.Lander Mitsubishi have assisted the Doonside Rugby League Club with finances for the implementation of their programs and equipment.We wish them the very best of luck and look forward to the season ahead.

Kings Langley Hockey Club

Lander Mitsubishi are proud of the community we serve - we realise the importance of giving and are open to making a difference for those who are  in need. The Lander Mitsubishi family have provided funds for new uniforms for the Kings Langley Hockey Club, we are very proud of the hockey team and wish them the ultimate best.

Blacktown Girls High School

We're happy to be able to support the efforts of this dedicated High school. This year Lander Mitsubishi donated funds for the girls to purchase new jerseys for the year. Lander Mitsubishi also provides opportunities for the girls to experience the working life and have created programs in regards to helping the girls with finding jobs in the near future.