About Our Service at Lander Mitsubishi

About Our Service

At Lander Mitsubishi, we’ll take good care of all aspects of your car servicing – and while we’re Mitsubishi specialists, we have the skills and equipment to service cars of all makes and models.

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Our highly skilled technicians are factory-trained by Mitsubishi, and offer all the efficiency and professionalism you’d expect from a team with our level of expertise. And because our modern, 25-bay service centre has all the latest equipment and diagnostic technology, you can trust us to service or repair your car to the highest standard.

Lander Mitsubishi Service Centre is located at 19 Rowood Road Prospect, contact us to Book a Service.


At Lander Mitsubishi’s Service Centre, you benefit from:

  • Factory-trained technicians, who know your car inside out, and can explain what needs to be done quickly, simply and professionally.
  • A reliable dealer service history, and genuine long-lasting parts that protect your warranty and add value to your car.
  • Extended opening hours, from Mon-Fri 7am-5pm and Sat 7am-12pm.
  • A free courtesy bus that drops you off and picks you up (within the local area).
  • The option to hire a rental car (for a small fee).
  • Registration inspections while you wait.

We Sell Tyres!

When it comes to TYRES Lander Mitsubishi service provides you with quality, superior performance and affordable prices. At Lander Mitsubishi service we make it as easy as 123, our service department stocks all types of GT RADIAL TYRES to fit your needs.

GT RADIAL TYRES have a great status of being ahead of originality and advanced performance providing you with guaranteed quality service properties. We are proud to be a certified distributor for GT RADIAL TYRES to book a SERVICE or to find out more  Contact Us today !

We look forward to being of service!